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You can help us out without spending a dime:

Everything about making games costs time and money. Apple and Google both require money up front in order to publish to their networks. We both have full-time day jobs to support our families and our pets. This leaves precious little time available to play games research and develop smart games for smart people like you.
The current state of the mobile market makes it very difficult for small studios and independent publishers to get noticed without spending thousands of dollars on marketing. People don't want to spend more than a couple bucks on a mobile game. Most people expect mobile games to be free. This means that we don't even have the budget to hire a designer. And you should never let a programmer like me do design.
What happens when a programmer tries to do visual design.

What happens when I try to do design.

Every time you buy the full version of one of our games we get a little bit closer to being able to hire a real designer, which means we get a little bit closer to making games that aren't so ugly they make your eyes bleed. We also have a PayPal account set up where you can give whatever amount you like to support us indie game developers and our pets. Won't somebody think of the pets?
Hungry cat blames stuffed kangaroo.

I'm starving; the kangaroo ate all my food.

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