Beace Games

The Vision

The aim of Beace Games is to create and build smart games for smart people. But there's more to it than that. We specifically want to make peace games, not war games.
Too many popular games today are about shooting as many people as possible, or conquering the world. Don't get us wrong. We occasionally enjoy those games as well. But it's a greater challenge and a greater calling to create games that:
  • make you think
  • promote cooperation over combat
  • tell compelling and unique stories with positive messages
  • feature realistic strong women and minorities not as afterthoughts, eye candy or DLC but as integral parts of the vision
  • prefer character, storytelling, complex strategy or quality puzzles rather than flashy graphics and over-the-top sound effects and explosions
And what better place to build a company with such a vision than Jerusalem? There is so much potential here, with a culturally-diverse and well-educated population. There is a high-tech scene but it is small, dwarfed by Tel-Aviv just an hour away. One of the goals of Beace Games is to build a quality game studio where Christians, Muslims and Jews work side-by-side, as cooperative partners designing and building cooperative games together. Beace Games.
If that vision is worth something to you, please get involved. Contribute and be part of our story.
Smiling camel in the Negev, Israel

Not what Jerusalem looks like. Really, this is a three hour drive away.

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